Students Join Department of Urology for Summer Research Experience

The Department of Urology is hosting several medical and undergraduate students this summer to take part in student/faculty research projects. In addition to working with their faculty mentors, medical students participate in research skills training sessions, roundtable discussions, journal clubs, and clinical shadowing opportunities.
Two medical students are collaborating with urology faculty through the School of Medicine and Public Health’s (SMPH) Shapiro Summer Research Program. Jason Van Roo and Associate Professor E. Jason Abel, MD, are researching “Outcomes for Patients with Early Onset Renal Cell Carcinoma.” Bruce Lee and Associate Professor Tracy M. Downs are studying “Improving Second Look TURBT for Patients with NMIBC.” Two more SMPH students are undertaking projects funded by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) “T35” Short-Term Institutional Research Training Grant. Maria Rozo and Dr. Abel are examining “Cost Effectiveness of Small Renal Mass Biopsy by Reducing Surgical Intervention for Benign Tumors.” Will Lyon and Professor Wade Bushman, MD, PhD, are studying “Prostate Inflammation Correlated with Detrusor Activity and Increased Urethral Resistance in Men With BP/LUT.”

We also have the fortune of hosting two undergraduate students through the SMPH Rural and Urban Scholars in Community Health (RUSCH) program. Terrill Taylor is working with mentor Dr. Downs and Tyler Cairo is working with Kristina R. Penniston, PhD, RD