University of Wisconsin–Madison

About the Program

“SPUUR was an excellent introduction to the world of research and critical thinking in science. There tons of opportunities to collaborate with other students in the program and I am still close friends with many of them to this day!”

Brett Mueller, 2017 SPUUR Intern

“The SPUUR program is an amazing opportunity offered to UW Madison students that I would recommend with high regards. You receive training, and hands on lab experience as well as experience in scientific writing. The mentors you work with are also very giving and assist in any way.”

Enrique Avila, 2017 SPUUR Intern

“I really did enjoy the program and I would definitely recommend it to other students! I really liked the fact that it wasn’t treated as a short 3 month ordeal and we were not just given busy work to fill the time. We were actually tasked with relevant work and that makes you feel like an important, contributing member of the lab.”

Jeremy Schneider, 2017 SPUUR Intern