University of Wisconsin–Madison

Teresa Liu, PhD



  • PhD, Microbiology/Mycology, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, 2008
  • BA, Biology/Computer Science, Westminster College, 2002

Dr. Liu is an Assistant Scientist and K12 Scholar. Dr. Liu’s research focuses on the role of estrogen receptors on benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) development and progression. A change in the steroid hormone milieu in the prostate is often associated with BPHdevelopment; she is specifically interested in the protective effects of estrogen receptor β. She is currently using high-throughput sequencing technologies to define estrogen receptor gene networks in BPH. In combination with receptor dimerization studies, these data will be a valuable resource for the benign prostate research community. Additionally, these gene networks could reveal potential biomarkers or druggable targets that could provide novel combination therapy for BPH.