Introduction to Loupe Surgery

Loupe Surgery Skills

  • Angled face suturing
  • Parallel face suturing
  • Cut, cut and excise
  • Rice transfer, rice hole drop

Bagli D, Odeh R, Penna F, et al. A Practice Platform for Systematic Development of Microsurgical Instrument Technique. Cureus. 2017;9(5):e1253. Published 2017 May 16. doi:10.7759/cureus.1253

2021 Loupe Surgery Bootcamp


2020 Loupe Surgery Bootcamp


2019 Loupe Surgery Bootcamp

Urology Simulation
Education Program

Urology Simulation Program Overview (YouTube)

University of Wisconsin
Urology Simulation on YouTube

PGY-1 Bootcamp
Knot tying and Suturing
Laparoscopic skills
Bowel Anastomoses (PGY-3)
Cystoscopy and Ureteroscopy
Introduction to Loupe Surgery
Introduction to Microsurgery (PGY-2)

Surgical Skills Labs
Ureteral Reimplant
Advanced Endoscopy
Artificial urinary sphincter
Female Urology
Hypospadias Repair
Penile prosthesis
Priapism Lab

Simulated Patient Scenarios
• GU history and exam
Disease specific cases
• Transitions of care
• Delivering bad news
• Disclosure of medical errors

Simulation Resources
Ureteroscopy Box Trainer
Vasectomy Model