We are Diverse

Our mission is to provide individualized, thoughtful care for our patients.

Our experiences, training, and life perspectives bring a depth of understanding and compassion for the patients we see right here in Wisconsin. Diversity is one of our strengths, and we put it to work in answering the most challenging questions for our patients.  We solve tough urologic problems using the most up-to-date medical evidence, a collective 30+ years of experience in the field of pediatric urology, and a strong emphasis on partnership with our patients and their families.

Because every child and every family is unique, we bring a fresh perspective to every problem, providing individualized care that centers on your child and family.

We are committed to providing equitable care to patients throughout Wisconsin and beyond.

Through UW partnerships, we see patients in clinics in Green Bay, Oshkosh, and Rockford, IL. This allows us to extend care to patients from the Northwoods and Northern Illinois, increasing access to high-quality urologic care in rural locations while decreasing travel time, work, and school disruptions for children and families.

We engage in innovative research with colleagues in our field and in other disciplines.

The division is keen to facilitate care and improve outcomes. From lab-based studies to the use of artificial intelligence, we use a wide array of techniques to better understand urologic diseases, improve how we treat those diseases, and enhance the patient experience. Importantly, we are engaged in research that:

  • Examines disparities in pediatric urology care and training, both in Wisconsin and nationwide;
  • Develops strategies to increase diversity in the field of urology to improve outcomes for all of our patients.

Our goal is to promote equitable pediatric urologic care through our individual patient interactions and in our research.

We are proud of the team we assembled and the superior care we offer – our diversity enhances our ability to provide patients and their families with this high-quality care.

“In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.”

– Maya Angelou

Meet Our Team

Vinaya Bhatia, MD

Credentials: Assistant Professor (CHS)
Director of Medical Student Programs

Shannon T. Cannon, MD

Credentials: Assistant Professor (CHS)
Director of DEI, Urology

Kristin Ebert, MD

Credentials: Assistant Professor (CHS)

Walid Farhat, MD,

Credentials: Professor (CHS)
Chief, Division of Pediatric Urology
Mark and Karen Koulogeorge Chair in Urology
Director of Global Urology

Tayler Garvey, NP

Credentials: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Jennika L. Finup, NP

Credentials: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner